“I’m thankful that nothing in the bible rests on feelings. If it did, if we were to rest our whole lives on feelings, then we would quit everything. We would stop searching. We would leave jobs constantly. We would leave one another instantly. Feelings, while they exist and jerk us around, aren’t the most credible. … More Feelings.


Green, thick, mucous like. That’s what it looks like draining out of a gallbladder in a lap chole. It’s also the things holding you down in your life, preventing you from moving forward. Sometimes like mud, other times like quick sand. And we grip on so tight because it’s the only control we know–it’s too terrifying to let … More Sludge.

“The world is changing all the time, at every moment. Someone is falling in love right now, and someone is being born. A dream is coming true in some city or small town, and right at the same moment, another dream is crashing and crumbling. A marriage is ending somewhere, and it’s somebody’s wedding day, … More